Brief of Amici Curiae Law Professors in Opposition to Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss, ACLU v. Clearview AI, No. 2020-CH-04353 (Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois filed Nov. 2, 2020) (with Gautam Hans)

Testimony before a Hearing of the New Jersey Assembly Science, Innovation and Technology Committee regarding Bill A1210 (requires public hearing prior to use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement agency) (Feb. 3, 2020)

Brief of Amici Curiae First and Fourth Amendment Scholars in Support of Petitioners-Appellants, Leopold v. United States, No. 18-5276 (D.C. Cir. filed Jan. 25, 2019)

Brief of Amici Curiae Floyd Abrams Institute for Freedom of Expression and First Amendment Scholars, in Support of the Parties Under Seal, In re National Security Letter, Nos. 16-16067, 16-16081, 16-16082, 16-16090 (9th Cir. filed Sept. 26, 2016) (with John Langford and Jonathan Manes)